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Azienda Agricola Centanni

Tucked in the hills of Ascoli Piceno along the Adriatic Coast, the Centanni Winery is a leader in their region, crafting wines that are treasured by locals (the Marchigiani) and visitors alike. Owned and operated by Giacomo Centanni, the winery sustainably produces about 8,000 cases per year. Keeping a balance of tradition and innovation, the Centanni’s organically grow all of their grapes, carefully harvesting each crop by hand. They are the first in Le Marche to use the VinoLok Glass Stopper, proudly protecting their wines from the harsh elements. With the completion of their Cantina and Bed & Breakfast, the Centanni property is now one of the great destinations of the area.

I nostri Vini, Vini di Famiglia. Disarmante come la semplicità, così è la nostra famiglia, così sono i nostri valori, così è il nostro vino, preziosamente custodito dal tappo in vetro.