Italy in a Region

Marche [mar-kay], one of the three regions of central Italy, lies between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains. With 110 miles of shoreline, the stunning coastal wine region is sought out by those hoping to discover an atmosphere of rarity and beauty. Marche has much to offer - cascading peaks, rolling hills and pristine beaches; wines, foods of all sorts, beauty and fashion products. This hidden gem can be called a distillation of all Italy, and is in fact known as “Italy in a Region”. It is well known across Europe and the United Kingdom for its fine wines, exceptional cuisines, ancient relics and scenic countryside. Home to many family-owned operations, both small and large, who produce just about everything, from wines and various foods to beauty and fashion products. Its people uphold age-old traditions, welcoming all who venture there and capturing the allure that many explorers earnestly seek. Come discover the charm and enchantment that is Marche!